Trapp-Poker: Is Eintracht weak with this sum?

Eintracht Frankfurt is threatened with the loss of Kevin Trapp. The keeper is traded as a new signing at Manchester United. Are the Hessians getting weak now?

In principle, Eintracht Frankfurt would not want to give up Kevin Trapp. However, according to Sport1 , should Manchester United make an “immoral offer” above ten million euros, the 32-year-old could well be transferred. As a result, a sale by SGE would be conceivable for a sum of 15 to 20 million euros.

Financially, the move to Manchester could be palatable

The TV station had previously reported that Trapp would receive a princely salary in Manchester. The goalkeeper could apparently collect around ten to eleven million euros a year if he moves to the Red Devils. And even more: The change from Eintracht to Red Devils Trapp should not only be made financially palatable, but also in terms of sport. The German national keeper is apparently given the prospect of being a regular player – despite competition from David de Gea. The current goalkeeper Manchester United wobbles and only has a contract with the English record champions until the end of June 2023.

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