Media: Haaland Earns 1 million euros a week

Haaland earns 1 million euros a week

Erling Haaland‘s record at Manchester City is becoming more absurd from game to game these days. After a double against FC Copenhagen, Borussia Dortmund’s summer shopping season has 19 competitive goals in twelve games. This huge goal danger is obviously worth a crazy salary to the Citizens.

As the British Sports mail reports, the previous estimates of Haaland’s salary are still far too low. So far, the talk has usually been of 375,000 pounds per week, which is currently the equivalent of around 426,000 euros for the Norwegian. According to the report, however, the consultants of the storm tank negotiated brilliantly and worked out a number of high bonus payments for their client, which are therefore almost guaranteed to bring further income for the 22-year-old.

Ronaldo almost doubled
In fact, Haaland collects almost 900,000 pounds a week, which currently corresponds to more than 1 million euros. With this salary, the national player is by far the best-paid professional in the Premier League . Up to now, old champion Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United with a weekly salary of 510,000 pounds (approx. 580,000 euros) has been considered the crowning glory of the English elite league. Haaland almost doubles his salary if the information in the sheet is correct. The striker’s contract with Manchester City is therefore a big topic of conversation among football agents, it is said. Despite the insane sums, there are hardly any voices that consider Haaland overpaid. That’s how impressive his record in the first few months with the English champions is.

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