CR7 to BVB? Reif: “Do more harm than good”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s desperation seems to have reached a climax. The aging world star wants to get away from Manchester United so badly that Borussia Dortmund is now said to be his dream destination for this summer. The Black and Yellows publicly declined in the person of Hans-Joachim Watzke on Friday ( reported ). Pros and cons of the deal are still hotly debated.

One thing is clear: the Black and Yellows later filled a squad place in the storm with Anthony Modeste and literally scraped together the last of their money for it. It was never particularly realistic that a new top earner like ‘CR7’ would appear in the Ruhr area. Marcel Reif explains why a transfer from the Portuguese would not have helped BVB in the end. “He can no longer run around and play counter-pressing football. He would look at it up front and you would have to pass every ball to him. Borussia Dortmund is good enough to put enough balls on him. Then he would score 15, 20 goals , I can imagine that very well. But that would be it, “said the reporter legend at Bild TV .

“It’s not the Harlem Globetrotters”
In view of this forecast, Ronaldo is not a player who can almost single-handedly make BVB a hot contender for trophies. These expectations would go hand in hand with a spectacular commitment from the multiple world footballer. “He would give you wonderful moments and goals, but not a season. But a club like Dortmund needs a season, they’re not the Harlem Globetrotters,” jokes Reif, referring to the famous basketball show team from the USA.

“Doesn’t fit into any sensible squad planning”
From Reif’s point of view, getting a 37-year-old top earner “does not fit into any sensible squad planning”. Basically, Ronaldo is still very fit, but because of his advanced age the superstar is quite limited in his style of play. “This is an age where he can no longer do things that you need in top-flight football today. He can no longer run around and that’s why you do more harm than good with 20 beautiful goals,” concludes Reif. Judging by Watzke’s statements, the topic belongs to the files anyway, but some stubborn fans don’t give up their belief in star access and interpret possible gaps in the words of the BVB managing director according to their own taste.

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